3D Objects Capturing

Modelling objects with complex geometry or textures is expensive. If real objects are available, it is sometimes cheaper to reconstruct 3D-models from them. For this purpose, a 3D-scanning and reconstruction station is available, consisting of a so-called “white cube” of 1 m3 that enables homogeneous white illumination of the object to be captured.


It is equipped with

  • A high resolution single-lens reflex (SLR) camera for capturing the actual texture on the object in high resolution and true colour
  • A standard stereo vision camera setup to capture 3D information of the model
  • A second stereo vision camera setup using infrared (IR) pass filters and a dedicated IR pattern projector. This captures 3D information even at featureless parts of the model without disturbing the SLR texture capture (the SLR has a build-in IR cut-off filter)


An automatically controlled rotary plate allows full 360° turns of the object to capture all sides in one run. Each stereo vision setup is used to produce a depth image representing the current view. A combination of all depth images from the full rotation of the rotary disc results in the coarse full 3D geometry of the object. An in-house developed geometry-merging tool does the merging of the different views using the marker based pose as prior.